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What is the difference between Energy Efficiency and Super Energy Efficient homes? 

What is a net positive carbon footprint?

What does “Future Proof Your Building” mean?

How can you claim to be the World's Most Energy Efficient Kit Home Manufacturer?

How long does it take to recuperate my money if I invest in Super Energy Efficiency?

How much would it cost to own and operate an ATA POP home in cold climates of the north and Arctic?

I know very little about construction but I would be proud to build my own home. Does your kit home offer the support I need to do that?

How durable is a Kit home?

Is it possible to keep my modern day lifestyle and my comfort level while becoming more environmentally conscious and living in a kit home?

I live in the Arctic and I want to live off-the-power grid. What would be my best option?

In Canada, ATA POP Homes meets the 85 and higher EnerGuide rating which is a standard measure of how energy efficient your home is. Our homes have proven to outperform energy consumption predictions from EnerGuide three to one in the north.

Because ATA POP Homes are so energy efficient, they qualify for various rebate and incentive programs which save you thousands of dollars on top of your regular monthly energy savings.

For example, in the Yukon, the Good Energy Residential Incentives Program offers $10,000 for new super-insulated homes that achieve an EnerGuide rating of 85 or better.

Check your local jurisdiction to see what rebate or incentive programs exist to support you with your energy efficient home.

We are passionate about the environment and we

manufacture to suit your style, size and needs.

The following homes

were designed according to owner specifications and are role models in helping to lower or eliminate the human carbon footprint....  



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From the smallest cabin to the largest multiplex, our experts can draw the plans of your dreams. Using a patented Energy Wall™ Insulation Systems, our manufacturing plant will cut to precision a home that will save you up to 90% on energy and protect your family for generations to come...


With increasing world awareness on climate change, a low cost, super energy efficient building method is a welcome shift in the manufacturing industry. This is what we call sustainability at its best...

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Whitehorse is a small city of more than 27,000 residents located in the southern Yukon. It is surrounded by beautiful wilderness, breathtaking landscapes and reminds us of how long, cold and difficult winters can be up north. It is also the perfect testing ground for cold climate research and development. We chose to be closest to the market that needed us the most. Our manufacturing plant is located just outside of Whitehorse.